Microsoft Outlook

The eWorkplace team will be migrating our customer base from GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook in late-2013 and early-2014. Outlook will come in two components:

  1. Outlook 2010 (desktop client)
  2. Outlook Webmail

These two services will replace ServiceFirst's previous messaging services, GroupWise desktop client and GroupWise Webmail.

Early Adoption

In July 2013, the eWorkplace Team ran an 'early adoption' program program of approximately 100 pilot users to help us evaluate our roll-out procedure. Early adopters were identified as being proficient users of Outlook, and their experience assisted us in identifying operational issues and potential risks to help ensure a smooth transition upon our full customer migration.


Migration of all ServiceFirst customers to the new Outlook service will commence in November 2013. In preparing for this migration of all email, calendar appointments and diary entries, ServiceFirst are archiving all customer data to ensure the safe transfer of all historical data to Outlook.  

Servicefirst has also urged customers to undertake 'clean-up' activities during the archiving process, removing out-dated and non-essential messages sitting in their GroupWise mailbox. A guide was provided to all customers to assist with their cleanup and contained instructions in accordance with NSW State Records' recommendations.

This will help improve speed and efficiency of the migration, and allow our customers to commence using Outlook as soon as possible.


For more information, contact the eWorkplace Project Team at eworkplace [at] servicefirst [dot] nsw [dot] gov [dot] au